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Håkan Lidbo: How to Leverage Imagination and Creativity

April 01, 2021
Design Disciplin
Håkan Lidbo: How to Leverage Imagination and Creativity
Show Notes

Håkan Lidbo is a musician, artist, innovator, designer, and founder of the Rumtiden Idea Lab, an unconventional creative workspace in Stockholm.

The work of Håkan and his collaborators stretches across music, art, installations, games, robots, software, public installations, and more. It's quite difficult to define exactly what they do, which is a testament to their vision: "bringing totally new ideas into the world that weren't here before."

Håkan himself is wildly prolific (he has released more than 350 records and held a world record for the fastest-releasing musical artist in the early 2000s) and an embodiment of innovation. I sat down with him to talk about how he's able to place himself outside conventional structures and traditions while thriving as a productive and creative leader.

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# Episode Bookmarks

00:00:00 What does Håkan Lidbo do?
00:04:29 The Structure of Rumtiden
00:12:26 Håkan's Story
00:28:08 From Art to Platform
00:35:05 Learning Imagination
00:41:40 "Design"
00:55:14 Books
00:56:24 Places and Tools
00:57:47 Lego
01:02:21 Swedish Synthesizers
01:06:14 Collaboration and Singing Tunnels
01:12:54 Failure and Art
01:16:34 Inspirations
01:22:02 Closing